Benefits Schedule

No matter where you are travelling, whether it be Europe or anywhere else across the globe, our comprehensive car hire excess insurance policies allow for you to be fully covered in your hire car all of the time.

Operating with a sliding scale of policies to suit a variety of needs, car hire excess cover with Direct Car Hire Excess helps make the use of your rental car as stress-free as possible. Browse our benefits schedule below to find the best policy for you then contact us for a free quote.

Benefit Basic Standard Deluxe
Currency* GBP, EUR or USD GBP, EUR or USD GBP, EUR or USD
From** £/€/$1.80 per day £/€/$2.25 per day £/€/$2.63 per day
Excess Cover £/€/$3,000 £/€/$5,000 £/€/$50,000
Towing Cover
Window Cover
Tyre Cover
Admin Charge Cover
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Posessions Cover
Key Cover
Curtailment Cover
Drop-off Charges
Lock Out Cover
Misfuelling Cover
Road Rage Cover
Carjacking Cover
In Country Rental
Car Club
* Policy benefits are in the same denomination as that of the premium paid.
** Minimum premium of £/€/$15.00 per policy
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