Benefits Schedule

Benefit Basic Standard Deluxe
Currency* GBP, EUR or USD GBP, EUR or USD GBP, EUR or USD
From** £/€/$1.80 per day £/€/$2.25 per day £/€/$2.63 per day
Excess Cover £/€/$3,000 £/€/$5,000 £/€/$50,000
Towing Cover
Window Cover
Tyre Cover
Admin Charge Cover
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Posessions Cover
Key Cover
Curtailment Cover
Drop-off Charges
Lock Out Cover
Misfuelling Cover
Road Rage Cover
Carjacking Cover
In Country Rental
Car Club
* Policy benefits are in the same denomination as that of the premium paid.
** Minimum premium of £/€/$15.00 per policy
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