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Protect yourself against the cost of excess on a hire car overseas.

Three different levels of cover available from just 12p per day. 

As well as car hire excess insurance we also protect against:

  • Towing costs
  • Admin and handling fees
  • Car key loss
  • Misfuelling
  • Serious injuries
  • And more depending on the cover selected…

Car Rental Excess Insurance Packages

What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Renting a car is a popular way to get around whilst abroad. With insurance included in most pages, at the click of a button you can be jetting off and picking up a vehicle from the airport hassle-free. However, in the event of an accident, you can feel a real sting when paying the excess fees.

If you do not double-check before you hire, excess costs can be as high as £2000. To protect yourself, direct car insurance excess is the perfect solution to give you peace of mind. Direct Car Hire Excess can provide you with an affordable policy to ensure that if you have to pay excess abroad, you won’t be out of pocket. Making an excess claim with us is easy and stress-free due to our online claim portal.

We provide cover for single and multi-trips across Europe and Worldwide – our annual cover starts at just 12p per day! Fill out our quote form to get your free quote today!

Why Choose Us for Car Hire Excess Cover?

Direct Car Hire Excess offer policies to holidaymakers, business jet setters and nomadic travellers all over the planet. From Toronto to Timbuktu and beyond, there is nobody we can’t help protect when it comes to excess fees when renting a vehicle overseas. Our knowledge and experience means our cover is second to none, leaving our customers free to enjoy hitting the open roads whilst abroad. If anything happens, Direct Car Hire Excess is here to help you immediately. You can claim easily online or our team of friendly advisors are just a quick telephone call away.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Europe

When you hire a car in Europe it is likely that your hire company will include insurance cover or point you in the right direction to do so. However, keep your beady eyes on the excess fee in the paperwork, this can often skyrocket well above £1000. This is not problem for us here at Direct Car Hire Excess. If you’re abroad and something happens to your rental vehicle we have your excess covered. Whether you pay £50 or £500 in repairs or other costs, having car hire excess insurance with us will ensure you don’t absorb the expense. You will be able to make a claim with us easily online wherever you are in Europe.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Worldwide

From Bangkok to Buenos Aires, our car hire excess insurance can be purchased wherever and whenever you are travelling. When getting a quote you have the ability to enter your country details, as well as the pick-up and drop off date of your rental car, meaning we can give you a bespoke quote based on your requirements. With three different plans to choose from and a variety of different perks, such as key cover and towing cost cover, you can drive safely abroad knowing we have everything covered.

Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance

Are you heading abroad multiple times in a year? Frequent holiday makers, businesspeople and those with family overseas rely on our annual car hire excess insurance to feel protected every time they are abroad. When you are jetting off frequently the last thing you want is the stress and hassle of scouring the internet to find the best deal for a single trip. With Direct Car Hire Excess, you know you will receive the best price for either single or annual car hire excess cover and unparalleled customer care.

Single Trip Car Hire Excess Cover

If one-off cover is what you seek, we can provide you will single trip car hire excess cover. From as little as 12p a day we can have you safe and secure in the knowledge that you won’t be out of pocket when it comes to excess payments should you have an issues with your hire car abroad. You can get a quote now online and don’t forget to check out our three packages and extra perks, so you know just what we have to offer.


From**£/€/$1.80 per day£/€/$2.25 per day£/€/$2.63
Excess Cover£/€/$3,000£/€/$5,000£/€/$50,000
Towing Cover
Window Cover
Tyre Cover
Admin Charge Cover
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Possessions Cover
Key Cover
Curtailment Cover
Drop Off Charges
Lock Out Cover
Misfuelling Cover
Road Rage Cover
Carjacking Cover
In Country Rental
Car Club

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Car Hire Excess FAQs

How does excess insurance work if I plan to travel to multiple countries?

If you are planning to travel to multiple countries, please select the ‘multi-trip’ option when filling out your no-obligation free quote. Direct Car Hire Excess can cover multi-trips throughout Europe and Worldwide.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

How does excess car insurance work?

It’s simple! If something happens to your hire car when you are abroad and you’re required to pay the excess fee, you can claim it back by having cover with us.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

How to insure a rental car?

Most hire companies include insurance in the package when you rent the vehicle. You can purchase it separately if you need to. However, companies don’t offer car hire excess insurance. Fortunately, this is something we can help you with.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

Can I change or cancel my coverage if my travel plans change?

Should you decide within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents that this insurance does not meet your needs then you can cancel it and obtain a refund of premium by notifying Direct Car Hire Excess, provided that you notify us no later than the start date of the cover shown in your certificate.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

Are additional drivers covered under my policy?

All drivers that are named on the rental agreement and insurance policy for the car hire will be covered by your insurance policy with Direct Car Hire Excess.

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What is not insured?

Direct Car Hire Excess do not provide excess cover if the damage to the car rental was caused by a known third party and the driver(s) that are not named on the rental agreement will not have any right to your insurance with Direct Car Hire Excess.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

Are there any restrictions on the cover?

Yes. Direct Car Hire Excess have the following restrictions in place:

  • ONLY available to those between 21 – 84 years of age
  • The policy must cover the entire car rental period
  • The cover will not include trips outside of your stated area
  • Annual policies are a maximum of 60 days per hire
  • Single trip maximum is 180 days per hire

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.

What is excess waiver insurance?

Excess waiver insurance is the same as car hire excess insurance, just an alternative way of saying it.

Get a car hire excess insurance quote.