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Choosing us for your car hire excess insurance for USA

Should you be heading to the USA for a holiday or business, you’ll want to ensure you are protected against all eventualities that may arise from hiring a car in the United States. Loss or damage to the vehicle can be costly and that is why our comprehensive holiday car excess insurance is a worthwhile investment that helps keep you focused on enjoying your adventure in the USA rather than worrying about the costs you may be incurring. Before you take out any insurance though, check out our USA car hire directory that showcases the best car hire options in the most popular USA destinations.

When you choose Direct Car Hire Excess for your excess insurance policy you not only receive in-depth excess insurance coverage for your hire car but you receive a premium service that ensures your USA road trip or business visit runs without a hitch.

Offering three levels of USA car hire excess insurance, we make sure that drivers can benefit from coverage that not only suits their needs but their budgets too. With daily cover available from as little as £1.80 per day, you can rest assured that whether you be in New York, Texas, Florida, Chicago or anywhere else across the vast landscape of the USA, your hire car is covered against some of the most common, as well as some of the more unusual problems you could encounter.

With a simple-to-use claims process, easy-to-understand insurance documents and customer-focused service, we make it easy for those hiring a car in the USA, no matter what State, to not only get the correct excess insurance for their car but also have claims rectified quickly.

What is included in our car hire excess insurance USA?

We understand that the needs of drivers vary and that is why we offer three levels of USA car hire excess insurance. Our basic policy has an excess cover of £3000 and can cost less than £2 per day. It covers a host of common issues you could encounter with a hire car including:

• Window cover
• Tyre cover
• Admin charge cover

Our standard policy is an extremely useful asset for any USA driving experience. This option provides drivers with an extremely cost-effective way to cover those excess fees that can make any trip a little more disappointing. With excess cover of £5000, secure one from just over £2 per day and have cover for all of the above plus:

• Personal accident cover
• Personal possessions cover
• Key cover
• Curtailment cover
• Drop-off charges

We then offer a package of deluxe car hire excess insurance. This is the excess car hire policy for driving in the USA that provides excess cover against more or less every excess fee you can think of and has an excess cover of £50000.

Included, is all that comes in our basic and standard policies but with costs starting from less than £3 you can also include:

• Lock-out cover
• Misfuelling cover
• Road rage cover
• Carjacking cover
• In country rental

With a minimum of 4 days of car hire required to be eligible, our policies are perfect for those away on a family holiday or a business trip that sees a lot of road time!
Why not get a car hire excess insurance quote today to see how affordable it is to protect you from costly car hire excess charges?

What is not covered by a USA car hire excess policy?

The cover we offer is comprehensive and should protect you from a wide range of excess costs you could often find yourself being left with. There are though, just a few things we cannot offer cover on. These exclusions are:

• Damage caused by a known third party
• Drivers not named on the rental agreement
• Damage or theft to the hire car that happens outside of your chosen area for cover

Who is eligible for a car hire excess insurance for USA policy?

To be eligible for an excess insurance car hire USA policy, there are a few criteria you must match. Driving rules in the USA are quite specific and the rules around rental cars are too with differing states making the ages of eligibility different to each other. That being said, our policies ensure that only those of legal driving age in the USA will be able to obtain car hire excess insurance for a trip there.
To secure one of our policies for USA car hire excess insurance you must:

• Be aged between 21-84
• Hold a full and valid driving licence. You can drive in the USA with a UK licence.
• Be eligible to rent and drive the hire car and agree to adhere to any terms and conditions set out in the rental agreement.
• Be named on the rental agreement.
• Ensure the policy covers the full period of your car rental.
• Purchase the excess cover before the hire car agreement begins.
• Obtain pre-authorisation for excess reimbursements of over £5000

Choosing Direct Car Hire Excess for your trip to the USA is the easy way to help you avoid those costly excess fees associated with renting a car. Whether you require cover for a one-off trip or require annual car hire excess insurance for multiple trips, contact our team today and see how we can help you drive in the USA worry-free.

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