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Car hire excess insurance for Canada with Direct Car Hire Excess

Canada is a huge country enjoyed by roughly one million visitors from the UK each year. Of course, many are there to enjoy the incredible scenery, friendly people, and great social scene but many also visit for business. With the huge trade in wood, gold, iron and more, many trips are in place to help seal lucrative deals that see people heading from Quebec to Ontario, Alberta to Manitoba and all other provinces. For tourists, the lure of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa among others provides plenty of excitement.

The commonality here though is that to enjoy them or visit them for work, you will need a hire car to get around, and with long journeys no doubt on the horizon, a comprehensive car hire excess insurance policy would be worth taking.

That way you can drive across the vast Canadian landscape free from the worry that a large excess charge may be hanging over you.

A trip to Canada, whether it be for a holiday or work purposes is sure to include driving and with a bit of help from us, you can benefit from the best possible car insurance for hire car in Canada. Our excess policies are set at three cost-effective levels meaning that drivers of all abilities and budgets can feel safe in the knowledge that they are free from the concern of costly excess fees should something happen to your rental car.

With coverage starting from as low as £1.80 per day, drivers enjoying the sights in any Canadian province can find themselves covered against some of the more common occurrences as well as some that may be more unusual but often prove to be the most expensive to rectify.

Our simple process of starting a policy right through to making a claim means that once on the road in Canada, you can put all thoughts of paperwork, fees and claims to the back of your mind.

Our claims team work fast and efficiently to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and should you have any questions about your coverage or be interested in minimizing your costs, they will handle your query with confidence and speed.

What insurance do I need to hire a car in Canada?

Car insurance is a must in Canada and the minimum liability varies between provinces. With that in mind, it would be advised to check with your rental car supplier what the rules are for the place you are visiting. It is also expected that you have a collision damage waiver (CDW) and loss damage waiver (LDW) before even being allowed to drive a hire car in Canada. In addition, supplemental liability insurance (SLI) is sometimes expected but this should be checked in advance as it is not required in all places.

In many cases, an insurance policy will come as part of your rental agreement but should it not, check your credit card and travel insurance as some of these may cover renting vehicles too.

Our car hire Canada excess insurance policies

We offer three fantastic car hire excess insurance options for drivers looking to hire a car in Canada. Each provides a driver with varying levels of coverage at affordable prices.

Starting with our basic policy that costs less than £2 per day, it has an excess cover of £3000 and covers some of the common issues you could encounter with a hire car in Canada. This includes:

• Window cover
• Tyre cover
• Admin charge cover

Standard policy for car hire excess insurance in Canada

Our standard policy is perhaps the most frequently chosen form of coverage for those driving a hire car in Canada. Benefitting the driver with an in-depth policy but also being extremely affordable, it offers peace of mind to many that may feel a little upgraded insurance is necessary. With an excess cover of £5000 and a cost starting from just over £2 per day, this level includes all of the features of our basic package as well as:

• Personal accident cover
• Personal possessions cover
• Key cover
• Curtailment cover
• Drop-off charges

Deluxe policy for car hire excess insurance in Canada

We then offer our most extensive form of coverage. Our deluxe policy combines all of our other policies but offers much more so you can remain fully confident that you are covered from all excess charges. With an excess cover of £50000 and a cost starting as low as £3 per day, it gives every driver that uses it an affordable and extremely detailed form of excess insurance. In addition to the features of both our basic and standard plans, the deluxe includes:

• Lock-out cover
• Misfuelling cover
• Road rage cover
• Carjacking cover
• In country rental

With just a minimum of 4 days of car hire required to be eligible, our plans are the perfect coverage for those visiting Canada on holiday or those heading to the second-largest country in the world for business.

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Is anything exempt from car hire excess insurance for Canada?

Whilst the coverage we offer is comprehensive, there are a few things we cannot offer cover on. The exclusions from our policies are:

• Damage caused by a third party.
• Drivers not named on the rental agreement.
• Damage or theft to the hire car that happens outside of your chosen area of cover.

Eligibility for car hire excess insurance Canada

To be eligible for hire car excess insurance in Canada, there are a few criteria you must meet. Of course, you must follow all rules for driving in Canada but we also have some specific that make it possible for you to benefit from one of our plans.
To get one of our Canada hire car insurance plans you must:

• Be aged 21-84
• Hold a full and valid driving licence. You may also be required to hold an international driving permit. This will vary per rental agent so check in advance.
• Be eligible to rent and drive the hire car and adhere to any terms and conditions set out in the rental agreement.
• Be named on the rental agreement.
• Ensure the policy covers the full period of your car rental.
• Purchase the excess cover before the hire agreement begins.
• Obtain pre-authorisation for excess reimbursements of over £5000.

Taking out car hire excess insurance with the team at Direct Car Hire Excess insurance is the easy way to help you avoid costly excess fees that could otherwise blight your trip to Canada. We specialise in offering varied policies suitable for single trips where holiday car excess insurance may be necessary or multiple trips that would benefit from annual car hire excess insurance. Why not contact our team today to find out just how affordable, and beneficial it can be or start with a free quote?

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