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Do I need car hire excess insurance in UK?

A staycation is becoming one of the main ways to holiday for people from the UK these days. Fresh from Covid enforced restrictions, residents of the British Isles began to realise there was much more to see and do within their own borders than they first thought. Back in 2020, the search term “staycation” saw a 500% increase on Google and in 2021, 96% of the UK’s travel and tourism expenditure came from people within the countries that make it up.

With those restrictions now nothing but a distant memory, it was thought that the domestic holidays would slow but in fact, they have remained steady. Data shows that in 2022, 65% of people took a UK holiday with only 45% venturing overseas.

The UK is relatively small, but some destinations are still best reached by plane and then the hire car becomes a necessity. If you are considering that as an option, why not consult our UK car hire directory so you can find the best options for hiring a car direct from the airport you fly into? Then, you should look into the holiday car excess insurance opportunities available to you so you can continue on the road without fear of surprising and costly excess charges.

Do I need car hire excess insurance in UK?

You may be thinking why you would need such a policy when you are driving on roads that have the same rules you abide by back at home. You might have even driven the very same roads with similar volumes of traffic before. Unfortunately, this doesn’t absolve you from the possibility of accidents or incidents arising. As a result, a UK car hire excess insurance policy would be the safest option to help you avoid the costs that could be associated with them.

With affordable and comprehensive options available, a car hire excess insurance policy can make the difference between a great time away and one that has you wishing you hadn’t gone away at all!

Choosing the best car hire excess insurance company UK

When you opt for coverage with Direct Car Hire Excess, you not only benefit from the cover that matches your exact needs, but you benefit from the premium service that comes from our dedicated team.

Putting you first, our team ensure that your holiday or business trip has one less thing to worry about as your car hire is covered by the best possible car hire excess insurance available.

With three levels of coverage available for those hiring a car in the UK, our plans ensure that drivers heading to London, Liverpool, Leeds or anywhere else are protected from excess charges.

With each of our plans, we put budget and purpose at the forefront. Some drivers require more coverage than others whilst others have a specific budget to work to. That is why we fuse both factors. Making affordable yet comprehensive coverage available to all drivers. Our plans start from as little as £1.80 per day and with a simple, transparent process to start your coverage and one equally as simple to make a claim, Direct Car Hire Excess make your excess insurance provider an easy choice.

You can get a free car hire excess insurance quote today and see just how affordable and beneficial it is for your time on the UK roads.

What’s included in insurance for car hire excess UK?

At Direct Car Hire Excess, we understand that each driver may have different needs and that is why we offer three affordable plans to those hiring a car in the UK. Our basic policy starts at less than £2 per day and with an excess cover of £3000 is a popular option for drivers looking to protect themselves from some of the common issues that may be encountered with a hire car. This includes:

• Window cover.
• Tyre cover.
• Admin charge cover.

Standard car hire excess insurance UK

Our standard policy includes everything from our basic plan with a few valuable extras added on. We would say this is the most common plan currently available and with prices starting from just over £2 per day, we understand why. With excess cover of £5000, this option is great for those looking for added protection at a fantastic value. Our standard car hire excess plan covers the following:

• Personal possessions cover.
• Key cover.
• Curtailment cover.
• Drop-off charges.

Deluxe car hire excess insurance UK

Should you want a complete plan that offers protection from the excess charges associated with some of the more unusual yet costly issues you could encounter. Our deluxe hire car excess insurance plan features all of those mentioned above plus a few extras that would prove to be very expensive to rectify should they occur. With costs starting at less than £3 per day and an excess cover of £50000, this UK car hire excess insurance plan makes for a truly cost-effective method of coverage, perfect for when you hire a car in the UK.

Our deluxe plan includes:

• Lock-out cover.
• Misfuelling cover.
• Road rage cover.
• Carjacking cover.
• In country rental.

Exemptions from a UK car hire excess insurance plan

Whilst our cover for UK car hire excess insurance is comprehensive, some things cannot be included in our plans. These exclusions are:

• Damage caused by a known third party.
• Drivers not named on the rental agreement.
• Damage or theft to the hire car that happens outside of your chosen area of cover.

Eligibility for insurance for car hire excess UK

If you are hiring a car in the UK, there are certain criteria you must meet to take advantage of the plans offered by us. Should you have any questions about your eligibility or regarding the plans we offer, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply get in touch and we will endeavour to answer any questions.
To get one of our affordable and comprehensive plans, simply match the criteria outlined below:

• Be aged 21-84.
• Hold a full and valid driving licence.
• Be eligible to rent and drive the hire car and agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
• Be named on the rental agreement.
• Ensure the policy covers the full period of your car rental.
• Purchase the excess cover before the hire car agreement begins.
• Obtain pre-authorisation for excess reimbursements of over £5000.

By choosing Direct Car Hire Excess for your car hire insurance, you are given the best option for staving off the costly excess fees that drivers often find themselves facing. Our plans allow drivers to benefit from coverage whether it is a one-off trip or whether there will be multiple times you need a hire car. Simply contact us to find out about our annual car excess insurance for year-long protection or worldwide car excess insurance should you be venturing further afield.

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