Things to Do in Egypt: The Must-See Sights and Activities

31st March, 2023, in Travel Advice & Guides

Egypt is a land full of history, sunshine and once-in-a-lifetime sights that make it reach the top of many holiday wish lists. Whether it’s a journey into the past courtesy of the pyramids, a ride on a camel or a deep dive into the clear waters of the Red Sea, there is so much on offer in Egypt that it is hard to pick a favourite.

We have selected a varied collection of the best Egypt has to offer. Check them out below and let us know if there are any that you think we have missed.

Where is Egypt?

Situated in the Northeast corner of Africa, Egypt is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit. With flights from the UK taking around 5 hours-6 hours, you aren’t in the air too long before you can enjoy the warm African climate. It is around 2-3 times longer than a flight to Spain so if you are planning on taking children, it will be worth factoring in entertainment and nap time to make sure they keep the flight harmonious for you all.

The best things to do in Egypt

A list of things to do in Egypt that appeals to everyone could take forever. Such is the diverse number of sights and activities that it would be hard to make a definitive top 5 or top 10. Instead, we have selected some that will help you have a fantastic and wide-ranging holiday to the land of Pharaohs. We have mixed in some history, a little fun and some wildlife.

1.       The Valley of the Kings – Luxor

Normally when we talk about Egypt, the Pyramids and Sphinx become the first thing people want to know about. It is understandable, they are phenomenal feats of work, but The Valley of Kings is something just as special in our opinion.

This ancient burial ground of more than 60 tombs from the days of the great Egyptians is awe-inspiring, beautiful and full of stories. Stunning Egyptian artwork illuminates walls and a rocky, sandy desert backdrop helps transport you back thousands of years. With the famous King Tutankhamun tomb on site as well as those of Ramses III, Seti II and many more, each step shows you something remarkable. The ticket price includes access to 3 tombs but you can pay an additional fee to gain access to some of the others.

2.      Ras Mohammed National Park

Swimming, snorkelling, and stunning coral reefs make a trip to Ras Mohammed the perfect way to have a relaxing time before heading out for a wander around pyramids or temples. With a variety of tours available that factor in all elements of the park as well as a traditional Bedouin lunch, you can unwind in peaceful surroundings with an expert guide showing you everything the park has to offer. Alternatively, you could explore it by yourself and take things at your own pace. Located in Sharm El Sheikh, it may get busy at times as Sharm is a tourist hotspot, but you will be able to enjoy it no matter what!

3.      Cruising the River Nile

The River Nile is perhaps the most famous river in the world and is seen as the lifeline to Egypt. So long is the Nile that it flows through 10 countries, do not worry though, you won’t be leaving Egypt going on a Nile cruise! In most cases, you will sail the Luxor-Aswan route which provides you with a scenic journey that gives you plenty of time to relax, enjoy the sights and marvel at the expanse the river covers. Should a cruise ship not seem to be your style, you can be a little more daring and go for a Felucca. It may not provide the comfort and class of a ship but it is a further nod to the past and give you an altogether more authentic experience.

4.      Desert safari and camel rides

Taking you into the desert where you will see mountains, waterfalls, camels and plenty of sand, a trip like this gives thrill seekers and sightseers the chance to cover both bases. A desert safari will see you thrown about in a 4×4 as you bash the dunes, then hop on a sandboard to see how you navigate the slopes the desert has to offer. Grab photo opportunities at the Mudawara Mountains and the Wadi al Rayan waterfall then enjoy a fun camel ride and a BBQ lunch at your base camp.

Taking up the whole day, this is an activity that provides plenty of bucket list moments and shouldn’t be missed!

5.      White Desert National Park

When you think of Egypt, you often think of desert landscapes, ancient history and camels. That is why we have to add the White Desert National Park to our list. Sparkling white chalk rock formations form a landscape like no other in the country. Crafted over thousands of years by a combination of desert winds and Sahara sand the surprising shapes, colours and views created are spellbinding. The Crystal Mountain glistens with glinting quartz and as the sun rises and falls, the visual spectacular you are presented with is something you are unlikely to see elsewhere.

A trip to Egypt can be full of so much excitement and intrigue. Vaults of history to trawl through, sights of huge grandeur to explore, and a culture so very different from the UK all make for a unique experience. You can get around many of the towns and cities courtesy of a hire car and experience them without the expensive excursion fees. Just don’t forget car hire excess insurance, that way you’ll avoid any costly fees often attached to car hire. With policies that cover holiday car excess insurance as well as multiple trips, get your free quote today.

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