Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance

Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance

Save on Car Rental Excess Insurance

Are you hitting the tarmac abroad multiple times a year? For frequent holidaymakers, those with family overseas and business executives, having an easy annual policy for peace of mind is imperative. You don’t scrimp on travel insurance, so why should protecting yourself when you hire a car be any different?

With car rental firms often including astronomical excess fess into their contracts, often as high as £2000, you will want to feel safe when driving overseas. Save yourself from scouring the internet for a policy every time you rent a car overseas and invest in annual car hire excess insurance cover.

Annual Excess Insurance

When many people consider annual car hire excess insurance they assume it will be expensive. This simply isn’t the case. Cover with Direct Car Hire Excess starts at just 12p a day and we will always give you the best price on an annual policy to ensure your peace of mind comes at an affordable price.

Not only is taking out an annual policy with us hassle-free, should you need to make a claim this can be done easily too. If your hire car becomes damaged during the 12-month policy period you can claim back the excess fees online from anywhere in the world. Simply visit our online claim portal and you will be able to register your claim seamlessly.

Choose US for Annual Car Rental Excess Cover

What makes Direct Car Hire Excess different is our ability to cover you wherever you are in the world for whatever period of time you require. Our policies are bespoke to our customers, making sure you have the most affordable and best level of car hire excess insurance possible.

Whether you use our car hire excess insurance for single trip cover or take out an annual policy you will benefit from our high level of customer care and:

  • Window cover
  • Tyre cover
  • Admin charge cover

And a range of other benefits depending on your level of cover with us.

Benefits Schedule

From**£/€/$1.80 per day£/€/$2.25 per day£/€/$2.63
Excess Cover£/€/$3,000£/€/$5,000£/€/$50,000
Towing Cover
Window Cover
Tyre Cover
Admin Charge Cover
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Possessions Cover
Key Cover
Curtailment Cover
Drop Off Charges
Lock Out Cover
Misfuelling Cover
Road Rage Cover
Carjacking Cover
In Country Rental
Car Club

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Car Hire Excess Insurance Annual Policy FAQs

How much will an annual excess insurance policy cover me for?

At Direct Car Hire Excess we offer our customers three levels of cover; Basic, Standard and Deluxe. The amount of excess depends on the cover you take out with us but ranges from £3,000 to £50,000. A breakdown of cover can be found in the benefits schedule.

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What countries are covered with an annual excess policy?

When taking out an annual policy with us please be aware that we do not cover Armenia, Iceland, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. Customers are able to take out excess insurance policies in all other counties.

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Are there any limits on who can take out annual excess cover?

Customers aged between 21 and 84 years (inclusive) can take out an annual excess insurance policy with us. You must have a full and valid driving license that is recognised globally and a debit or credit card for us to take payment from.

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How long is annual car rental excess cover?

When you take out an annual policy with us you will be covered for 12 calendar months. Your policy will be active from the date you selected the annual cover to start. All details can be found in your Schedule or Insurance.

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Can I cancel my annual excess insurance?

Yes, if your annual excess cover does not fit your needs you can cancel within 14 days of receiving the policy. You must cancel within the 14 days and no later than the start date of cover shown in your documents.