8 Best Couples Holiday Destinations 2023

30th January, 2023, in Travel Advice & Guides

A romantic getaway can sometimes be a flagship moment for a relationship – proposals and pregnancies, activities and, dare we say, arguments? But where do you go? Are you on the lookout for sitting by a pool just unwinding, or do you want to take in some of the sights and make every moment as memorable as possible?

We looked at 8 destinations that couples should consider for a trip away in 2023. We’ve divided this into two sections – city breaks and 7 nights plus, so you can find the best options across a variety of budgets and interests.

The best city breaks for couples in 2023

A city break is a great way to leave the hassle of work behind and spend time with your partner wandering quaint streets, sitting at romantic restaurants, people-watching and just embracing a culture that otherwise you may not have done. City breaks are rising in popularity right now, and with such great variety on offer, we picked 4 that will no doubt make couples crave more of them.

1.       Venice

It is so predictable that Venice features, but if you have never been then you are truly missing out. Every corner leads to a magical discovery, whether it’s a family-run restaurant, a bar that only the locals ever seem to frequent, or a Vaporetto stop that leads you to another of the islands. The architecture screams romanticism and the views shout out “propose here”, but it isn’t all about the romance. Quality food is in abundance and journeys out to Murano and Burano add a splash of vibrant colour and stunning crafts to your time there. You can do it all on foot in Venice, and even though gondolas are seen as romantic, the gondoliers know this so will gladly charge a small fortune for a short ride. If you do want to get on the water to get around, use the Vaporetto.

2.      Prague

Prague is not just for stag weekends and lads’ holidays. In fact, it has much to offer singles and couples too. The cityscape adds a wow factor, and the infusion of art deco and gothic makes for a great trip for the couple that loves to wander, admire and learn. With prices being quite cheap across the city, you can get more for your money than you may have thought. Hopping in a hire car to fully explore allows you to dive a little deeper into what is around the city and outside of it. With a hub of café activity and varied nightlife, you can find an eclectic mix of experiences in Prague.

3.      Budapest

Why not get two cities for the price of one as that is essentially what you get with Budapest – one half is named Buda, and the other is called Pest. Buda is the more historical side and Pest is seen as the modern part. With the Danube River providing beautiful backdrops, there are plenty of opportunities for memorable photos. Eating out is never a problem either and Budapest offers plenty of variety affordably. With vampire walks, classic markets, outdoor spas and quirky ruin bars, Budapest offers a host of options to couples of all ages.

4.     Tromso

You wouldn’t have put Norway on your list, would you? Well, just recently it hit the top spot for city breaks couples must do! Why? Well, how do starry skies, the allure of the Northern Lights and snow-capped peaks sound? These are just part of the reason couples are picking Tromso over the more traditional places like the ones we mentioned above. Alesund is like you are stepping into a fairy-tale, whilst Trondheim is the Royal city.

Add in that you can go whale watching, ride husky sleds and take a stunning cable car ride and you can really see why Tromso is a winter wonderland for couples.

The best holidays for couples 2023

If you are looking for something longer than 3 nights, perhaps our mix of long-haul and short-haul destinations could see you making one of them your choice for a romantic holiday this year.

1.       Croatia

Whether you want to re-enact a favourite Game of Thrones scene or wander through old towns and enjoy the scenery, Croatia has a fantastic mix of options to offer couples. With UNESCO World Heritage Towns ready to explore and clear blue waters to sail upon, Croatia helps give couples a variety of experiences. Warm weather throughout the summer helps top up a tan, however it would be best to go either side of the peak summer months to avoid the crowds and enjoy the natural splendour Croatia offers. With cosy bars, cute cafes and quality restaurants, they deserve to be enjoyed at your leisure and not rushed.

2.      India

Hit Delhi, Agra and Jaipur to create a golden triangle of premium hotspots that bring together the charm and mystique that is so unique to India, these three are best enjoyed on a romantic train journey but India can be delved into deeply via car where you fully get to take hold of the culture, the cuisine and the diverse cities. Embrace the street food, the Ayurveda massages and a culture that excels in passion and vibrancy. If you get to Jaipur, do not miss The Palace of the Winds. It is stunning!

3.      The Faroe Islands

Now bear with us here. We know this is not top of many lists. It is not sunny; it is not filled with golden sands, nor are there crystal blue waters. However, it is filled with nature and scenery that is breath-taking. 18 rocky islands make up Europe’s best-kept secret. With adventure sports, traditional, if somewhat unusual foods and a collection of sights that could not be matched. The Faroe Islands is a bucket-list destination that only a small number of people enjoy each year. Be part of a limited number and see something special, beautiful and ultimately romantic.

4.      Cape Verde Islands

Sticking to the island theme but going long-haul, we fly over to the luxurious Cape Verde Islands. Just west of The Gambia and Senegal, the islands fuse the best of Brazil, Portugal and Africa with a stunning array of hotels, restaurants and picture-perfect beaches. With sun throughout the winter too, those who love a surf can enjoy the waves any time of year. With tropical vibes and a relaxed atmosphere, the cluster of islands allows you to try out a host of different things amongst different people. Don’t spend all day at the hotel – get out there and explore this mini miracle.

Whether it is a honeymoon or just a romantic trip away, all of our destinations are sure to inspire. Wherever you go, the easiest way to get around is by car; that way you can immerse yourself in the local cultures and explore those off-the-beaten-track beauty spots that organised tours often miss. Just don’t forget worldwide car excess insurance – that way, you steer clear of any surprise costly fees that are often associated with car hire. So if it is a European trip, or somewhere further afield you’re after, our holiday car hire excess insurance will keep you loving the trip as much as you love who you are on it with. Contact us today for a free quote.


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