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Furka Pass, dangerous road in Switzerland

Europe’s Scariest Roads to Drive On

Europe’s Scariest Roads to Drive On If you’re planning a road trip in Europe you might want to be careful where you choose to drive because Europe is actually home to some pretty scary roads. Driving can be repetitive and sometimes it’s exciting when you find windy roads but some are just a bit too extreme even for the most skilled drivers. Here are some of the scariest and dangerous roads in Europe, the roads you might want to avoid. ... Read more
Eurostar, France

How to Save Money While Travelling in France?

How to Save Money While Travelling in France? France isn’t overly expensive but it can be pricey in certain areas if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget. If you’re determined to travel to France but are looking to cut costs where you can we have compiled some money-saving hacks so that you can enjoy your French adventure without having to worry about money. Travel at off-peak times Whether you’re getting the ferry or the Eurotunnel there will always be peak and off-peak times. ... Read more
The City of Pisa

Is There More to Pisa Than the Leaning Tower?

Is There More to Pisa Than the Leaning Tower? Pisa is a city located in Italy's Tuscany region and is, of course, best known for the iconic Leaning Tower. Over five million tourists flock to the landmark every year. Already tilting when it was completed in 1372, the 56m white-marble cylinder has become a world-renowned landmark. However, there’s so much more to Pisa than the freestanding bell tower. If you’re visiting Pisa rather than rushing through allow yourself some extra time to explore ... Read more
Road in Portugal

Things to Remember When Driving in Portugal

Things to Remember When Driving in Portugal Portugal is a beautiful southern European country settled on the Iberian Peninsula. There are so many stunning places to see in Portugal that it’s definitely a country worthy of a road trip. Starting in Porto you could make your way down south stopping in Lisbon before enjoying all that the Algarve has to offer. But before embarking on your Portuguese adventure there are some things to note. The Portuguese have a bit of a bad reputation for ... Read more

The Cheapest Places to Visit in Germany by Car

The Cheapest Places to Visit in Germany by Car Germany is known for being relatively cheap, which is great news for all of you budget travellers out there. In fact, the country’s capital, Berlin, is amongst the cheapest big cities in Europe. If you’re planning a road trip in Germany you don’t have to break the bank to ensure that you see the vibrant international art and music scene, beautiful nature, stunning cathedrals, picturesque small towns and historic cities that ... Read more
Maroubra, Hidden Gem in Sydney

5 Hidden Gems to Discover in Sydney

5 Hidden Gems to Discover in Sydney Approximately 11.1 million visitors descend upon Sydney every year to marvel at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, admire the Sydney Opera House and experience Bondi Beach in real life. While these spots are must-see destinations for anyone visiting the city, they’re also flooded with people. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle or have visited Sydney before and want to get off the beaten track, the city has a myriad of under the radar spots that ... Read more
Beautiful Toronto City Landscape

What Travellers Should Know About Toronto?

The hometown of Drake, the location of the world-famous CN Tower and just a short drive away from Niagra Falls, Toronto is a notorious destination. It’s one of Canada’s leading tourist destinations with over 43 million visitors flocking to the city every year. The city is a dynamic metropolis overwhelmed with soaring skyscrapers but blessed with an abundance of green spaces, including 400-acre High Park. It's has a mixture of tourist attractions, from museums and galleries to the offshore, Toronto Islands. If you’re planning ... Read more
Road Trip in USA

How To Enjoy a USA Road Trip on A Budget

There’s nothing quite like a road trip. Setting off on the open road with the freedom to go anywhere and a million adventures ahead. However, this doesn’t come cheap, the price of petrol, food and all other supplies soon adds up. So, if you’re heading off on a USA road trip on a budget, here are some top tips on how to save yourself some money along the way. Water There’s no need to keep buying new water bottles all the time, this can ... Read more

European Sites You Must Visit on a Road Trip

Many people underestimate just how unique Europe is. By taking your own vehicle or renting one overseas there is no better way to enjoy what Europe has to offer than under your own steam. Our blog reveals some of Europe’s most exciting locations that are a little different to the typical tourist haunts. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania Looking like a scene from a blockbuster film, Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses is site that remains a mystery. Just outside of the city of Siauliai is ... Read more
Spain holidaymaker

Coronavirus Lockdown: What to Do Regarding Spanish Holidays

With Spain on lockdown and borders closed in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus many holidaymakers are left in a state of confusion. For holidaymakers set to jet off to the sunnier climes of Spain the message is clear, non-essential European travel is banned. However, this doesn’t mean the public do not have questions. For those already in Spain and its various islands nobody can travel home until the Spanish government decide otherwise. These measures are put in place ... Read more