Can I Take My Dog in a Rental Car?

5th September, 2022, in Global Hire Advice, Car Hire Help

If a holiday is long overdue or perhaps on the horizon, you may be looking into whether you can bring your four-legged friend with you. Sure, the hotel may have a pet-friendly policy, maybe the villa welcomes animals of all types, and the airline even offers specific prices for pet transportation. What, though, about once you arrive and want to get from a-to-b in your hire car? Could you take your dog with you?

Let’s take a look and see whether your dog gets to enjoy the trip too!

Can you take a dog in a rental car?

You may be pleased to know that many car hire companies are happy to allow you to take a dog along for the ride. Most of these companies work on the rule that as long as the car is returned in the same condition as you picked it up, then there is no problem at all.

Some may have a few specific rules that you need to adhere to but these won’t be hard to find and will more than likely appear fairly prominently in your agreement.

Further down the page, we will show you some of the hire companies that will allow you to pop your pooch in the passenger seat.

How will I find out which companies allow dogs in their rental cars?

Before hiring a car, simply ask the question to the variety of rental companies on the market. You may be surprised to find just how many say yes. Our car hire directory provides you with a comprehensive list of airports and car hire companies associated with them, complete with contact details so you can get the information you need quickly.

Will car hire cost more if I bring a dog?

More often than not, it won’t but we would recommend you always ask your chosen provider first. You wouldn’t want to be stung by unexpected costs. That being said, if your dog has made a mess inside, be it hairs or otherwise, we would recommend you have it cleaned before returning it. The cost of cleaning is likely to be much less than the penalty fee you may get from the hire company for returning a dirty car.

It isn’t only cosmetics though, if the car is damaged in any way due to your pet, you are liable for charges that are incurred for its repair. In many cases, insurance policies do not cover the car interior so if your dog has chewed through the back seat, gnawed off a piece of the handbrake, or scratched up the furnishings, you could be facing an expensive bill. It would be advisable to check with your insurance provider but in most cases, if the interior of the car is damaged due to your pet, you will have to cover the repair cost.

What type of car is best for my dog?

When it comes to hiring a car, you may need to factor in a few things. Especially if a dog is coming with you. Is your dog going in the boot? If so, does it have adequate space and ventilation? If it is sitting on a seat, is there sufficient room for your other passengers?

Many would say, hiring an estate car or SUV is the best option. Plenty of space for people, luggage, and importantly, pets.

What car hire companies allow dogs?

As we touched upon earlier, many hire companies are happy for dogs to travel in their cars. Below we have put a selection of the most popular hire companies you will find in our directory and whether they are canine-friendly


One of the most popular car rental companies Hertz are happy to have dogs ride in their hire cars as long as the car is returned in the same condition it was collected. In some countries, Hertz will issue a special dog grille that keeps your luggage and pet separate in the back of the car. As with all companies we are listing here, we would advise you to contact them in advance to find out any finer details concerning transporting a dog in one of their vehicles.


Enterprise is a global car hire company that operates in a huge number of locations and is happy for you to bring your dog along for the ride. The main caveat is that the dog must remain crated. In addition, the car must be returned clean, free of pet hair, and found in the same condition it was hired.

Animals used to support people with disabilities are allowed without the need for an animal carrier.


Thrifty feature in many of our car hire directories and are very popular throughout Europe. They gladly welcome pets to come on holiday with you and enjoy the views from a hire car window! As long as the car is returned as it was when collected and shows no signs of damage, excessive pet hair, or soiling you will be exempt from any cleaning fees.


Originating in Germany, this company has gone from strength to strength and provides rental cars throughout the world. They are happy for dogs to travel in their cars and offer upgrades that may make for a more comfortable journey for your pet. As with the other companies, they do ask you to return the car clean and in the same condition as you found it.


Avis, the first hire company to see the benefit of offering a car rental service from an airport, is another that allows dogs. Like the others, they ask that you return the car clean and as you found it. Anything deemed beyond normal levels or wear and tear will incur extra charges. This charge varies per location so Avis advises you ask in advance what charges there could be.

Wherever you and your pooch decide to travel, check the requirements before you book anything. Unexpected costs are one thing you do not want to worry about when you are on holiday. That is why we offer comprehensive car rental excess insurance. It keeps you away from the unexpected costs car hire can sometimes bring. This means you can stay fully focused on enjoying your trip without the added stress of an extra bill to pay! Contact us today to find out the best policy for you. We offer a free quote to ensure that whether it is holiday car hire excess insurance, worldwide cover, or a policy for car hire excess insurance europe you don’t break the bank and have full peace of mind.


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