Coronavirus Lockdown: What to Do Regarding Spanish Holidays

19th March, 2020, in Travel Advice & Guides

With Spain on lockdown and borders closed in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus many holidaymakers are left in a state of confusion. For holidaymakers set to jet off to the sunnier climes of Spain the message is clear, non-essential European travel is banned. However, this doesn’t mean the public do not have questions. For those already in Spain and its various islands nobody can travel home until the Spanish government decide otherwise. These measures are put in place to protect everyone.

What to do if you are on holiday in Spain

Holidaymakers in Spain are advised to remain in their hotel rooms or rented villas. All facilities remain closed aside from restaurants which are offering a delivery service.

Regarding getting home, you should contact your tour operator, airline or travel agent if they have not liaised with you already. The majority of their websites will have information available to you, including contact details. Airlines such as Jet2 and Easyjet have already cancelled flights but have pledged to help people return home.

How can I get to the airport?

If you have a hire car you should be able to drive it to the airport if this is where you picked it up from. You should call your provider to discuss as they will have measures in place to help you.

Public transport is still running but on a reduced service and people should adhere to social distancing measures as much as possible. Similarly, taxis and other services such as Uber are still being allowed to operate.

If you are in Spain and wondering how to proceed take a read of the lockdown advice.

How to get a refund on your holiday

If you have booked a flight with a provider that has cancelled your departure to Spain you will be offered an alternative option – such a rescheduling for a future date – or a full refund.

For those who have a holiday coming up that hasn’t been cancelled but don’t want to risk going abroad you should contact your airline or tour operator as soon as possible, particularly if it’s a Spanish destination.

Car hire

Many car hire providers in Spain are doing their best to remain operating as normally as possible; implementing enhanced protocols to keep their customers safe. Many car hire companies are also being extremely flexible with bookings and cancellations.

If you want to cancel your car hire in Spain contact the provider directly as many have procedures in place and are offering refunds to holidaymakers.

Now that Coivd-19 rules are more relaxed, things are on the whole, a little more simple. If you are flying into Spain, use our airport and car hire directory for Spain. It’ll help you find the best car hire options for the major airports of Spain. It would also be advisable to look into car insurance excess cover. That way you can enjoy your holiday stress free and avoid those costly excess fees! Speak to our team today and get a free quote.

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