How Much Does It Cost to Travel Canada?

21st April, 2020, in Money Saving Tips

Canada can be an expensive place to travel, particularly if you opt for higher-end hotels and eat out regularly. On average, people spend $128 a day when on holiday in Canada. However, there are ways to make visiting the country a little more affordable. Depending on where you go will obviously have an impact, and a trip to Toronto is likely to be more expensive than a remote town or less tourist popular destinaiton.

Flights to Canada

How much a ticket costs to Canada will depend on the time of year, length of time until departure and whether you will need a return or not. Flights from the UK to Canada are direct or have one layover depending on which airport you are flying to. The best option is to use Skyscanner to get the best price on flights.

Renting a car in Canada

Public transport, particularly buses in Canada, can become expensive if you are relying on them to get around daily. Greyhound buses are ideal for city to city journeys as they work out cheaper than internal flights but can still eat into a budget significantly.

An alternative may people choose is to hire a car, or motorhome, whilst in Canada. Especially if booked in advance, serious savings can be made than booking a rental in the run up to your arrival date.

Car hire excess insurance quote Canada

To ensure you’re never out of pocket if you rent a car when in Canada, spend a little on car hire excess insurance. At Direct Car Hire Excess we offer worldwide insurance car hire excess policies too! This means if anything was to happen to your vehicle and you had to pay the excess regarding a claim, you’d be able to get this cost back.


Airbnb is the saving grace for many people visiting Canada and wanting to travel on a budget. Apartments and properties in the city centers come with a premium price tag, but there are gems to be found on the outskirts that require a walk in the city when needed.

Some people who want to remain in a certain location for a while could also utilise house sitting apps – this is where you look after someone’s house (and sometimes pets) when they aren’t present, such as a work trip or holiday.

Cutting entertainment costs

When visiting Canadian cities, some of them offer deals on visiting tourist attractions, such as two for one. Toronto’s CityPass is $76 (plus tax) and gives you free admission to the CN Tower, Toronto Aquarium, Toronto Zoo, Casa Lomca and a few other attractions.

Furthermore, if you want to see any sporting events – such as ice hockey – try and book as far in advance as possible. Buying close to any matches can often see a price hike for tickets.


Have you got any more questions about your trip to Canada? Simply get in touch and we will help! With years of experience in keeping people comprehensively covered, we can make sure your trip goes without a hitch. Get a free quote today and see what we can do for you.

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