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The Cheapest Places to Visit in Germany by Car

The Cheapest Places to Visit in Germany by Car Germany is known for being relatively cheap, which is great news for all of you budget travellers out there. In fact, the country’s capital, Berlin, is amongst the cheapest big cities in Europe. If you’re planning a road trip in Germany you don’t have to break the bank to ensure that you see the vibrant international art and music scene, beautiful nature, stunning cathedrals, picturesque small towns and historic cities that ... Read more
Road Trip in USA

How To Enjoy a USA Road Trip on A Budget

There’s nothing quite like a road trip. Setting off on the open road with the freedom to go anywhere and a million adventures ahead. However, this doesn’t come cheap, the price of petrol, food and all other supplies soon adds up. So, if you’re heading off on a USA road trip on a budget, here are some top tips on how to save yourself some money along the way. Water There’s no need to keep buying new water bottles all the time, this can ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Canada?

Canada can be an expensive place to travel, particularly if you opt for higher-end hotels and eat out regularly. On average, people spend $128 a day when on holiday in Canada. However, there are ways to make visiting the country a little more affordable. Flights to Canada How much a ticket costs to Canada will depend on the time of year, length of time until departure and whether you will need a return or not. Flights from the UK to Canada are ... Read more

How to Save Money While Travelling Australia

Many people assume that a trip Down Under will break the bank. However, you shouldn’t miss out on the wonders of Australia because you have a tighter budget. Check out our top tips for helping your money stretch further in Aus. How to find cheap flights Before you even embark on your Aussie adventure, money can be saved on your outbound and return flights (if you want to come back). Research dictates that Wednesday is the most expensive day to book a flight, ... Read more