Must-See Sports Events in the USA

17th June, 2022, in Travel Advice & Guides

The USA is home to some of the best sporting events in the world. Full of excitement, Hollywood showbiz and of course some excellent performances, millions tune in to watch on TV, whilst thousands more cram into stadiums and arenas to absorb the moment and be part of something incredible.

We love the USA here at Direct Car Hire Excess, and have picked out a selection of sporting events you must see. Maybe you can turn it into a real road trip USA style!

Once your holiday is booked, sort your rental car and you’re good to go. Lastly, of course, don’t forget your car rental excess insurance.

Which events have made our top 5? Read on to find out more.

1. The Daytona 500

We may have just missed the race for 2022, but you can now register for 2023 and be in with a chance to win a ride in the pace car before the race. With 200 laps to cover, the smell of petrol, the noise of the engines and the pure speed make this an event full of excitement. As it is held in February, the weather isn’t too hot, but you will still likely need sunscreen! Engines roar on February 19th, so make enquiries now as tickets sell fast.

Daytona beach is close by, meaning you can disconnect from trackside affairs with ease and enjoy 23 miles of white, sandy beaches. Great restaurants and bars keep you fuelled, then head back to the track, take a seat and watch the action unfurl. Book tickets with access to the fanzone and the day becomes even more memorable.

This event is perfect for families (ear defenders recommended), groups, or anyone looking for a bucket list event to tick off.

2. The NBA Finals

The NBA is fast-paced, high scoring and full of excitement, and that’s just the regular season. Bring it forward to the finals and these sensations increase 10-fold. Celebrities grace the front rows, there is plenty of entertainment in the court (both in-game and out of game time) and the full spectacle of American razzmatazz is there for all to see. Taking part this month over a 7-game series, the winners must win just 4 of those games to be crowned champions. Tickets don’t come cheap, and whilst a season ticket covering all matches may be a consideration, this will set you back several thousand dollars. Instead, hit one of the first four games to be guaranteed a game as beyond this, a winner may have already been decided.

As an alternative, consider the all-star game that takes place in February. It is cheaper and still packed with glitz and glamour. If this takes your fancy, mark February 17-19th in your diary and head to Utah.

This event is perfect for all sports fans, couples and families with children (we recommend ages of 9+).

3. The Superbowl

The Superbowl would typically be number one on most lists. It is the most watched sports event in the USA, and with a cult following here in the UK too, it certainly draws an impressive crowd. The only potential drawback is the sheer length of the game. This is, in our opinion, a trip for those who really love both the sport and the spectacle.

Bone crunching tackles, incredible feats of agility and speed as well as drama and controversy, the NFL can pack it all into one game. Factor in the outstanding half time shows and the extravaganzas America excels at, and you have a sports event, a show and much more all bundled into one event. The new season is just around the corner and with the Superbowl in February, our top three events all fall in the same month, so you may need to choose just one. The game kicks off on February 12th and is hosted in Glendale, Arizona.

This event is perfect for dedicated fans, and those looking for a huge spectacle of an event.

4. The US Open

The final Grand Slam of the tennis season is held in late August and runs through to early September. With Labour Day Weekend falling in the middle of the tournament, too, you can expect a party atmosphere even before it reaches the final stages. You can still book tickets for this year’s event, and if you pick the earlier rounds, you may have a higher chance of getting up close and personal with your tennis heroes. Played in New York at Flushing Meadow, this event is well worth being part of, no matter which stage of the tournament you join. Single day tickets are available for all stages, or you can book multi packages for access to a variety of matches over a period of days.

This event is perfect for sports fans, couples, families and parties.

5. The World Series

Many mock the name, claiming it cannot be a World series if only North American teams take part, but this is a true piece of US heritage and well worth a mention. Founded in 1909, a winner is determined by a best of seven playoff. Running throughout Autumn, it is commonly known as the Fall Classic. Tickets are in high demand, but the atmosphere and the traditional American surroundings make for a fantastic sports spectacle. To reach the World Series, every MLB (Major League Baseball) team must battle through a 162-game season, followed by 3 rounds of playoffs. It is a huge affair, with the season itself starting in April.

This event is perfect for those looking to embrace the US heritage, groups, couples and families.

Have we whetted your appetite for some sporting fun this year or next? Perhaps you have another favourite event? If so, let us know!

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