Strange, Funny, and Unusual Driving Laws

You might well be looking forward to a holiday abroad this year. Everything is sorted from flights to villas, hire cars to excursions. However, sometimes you may inadvertently fall foul of the law without even realising. Check our guide to discover some of the more unusual driving laws for when you are in another country.

Don’t forget, any trip abroad where you hire a car requires you to be comprehensively covered against all eventualities. Our holiday car hire excess insurance cover enables you to enjoy a worry-free trip…as long as you don’t break any of these laws!

Unusual driving laws in America

We start with a land famous for having some slightly outlandish laws. Some just seem ridiculous whilst others appear more reasonable. Just make sure you don’t do any of these when visiting the land of the free!

Maine, New England

You may have made your trip to Maine and are looking to enjoy the great outdoors, the huge selection of food and the variety of arts and culture. Enjoy it but be careful! If you park outside Dunkin’ Donuts, you are in trouble!

The weird thing is, there are no spaces outside Dunkin’ Donuts but so many people parked there that a law had to be created. The law of Maine states “No person shall park a vehicle at any time upon any of the streets or parts of streets described: Main Street (West) in front of Dunkin’ Donuts to a point 25 feet south.”

If you want a donut that much…you might need to walk!

Mariette, Georgia

Not that you should really want to but, if you feel the need to spit, you cannot spit from a moving car if driving in Mariette. Hop in a truck though and you can do it as much as you like!

Glendale, California

If you are enjoying your trip through the Golden State, remember to be aware of one important law – do not attempt to jump from your car if you are driving at 65mph or more. Now whilst jumping from a car at any speed is not advised, the wording of this law means 64mph might be ok? We certainly don’t think so!

Unusual driving laws Asia

Asia has some densely populated areas, therefore, leading to much congestion, crowded pavements, and an abundance of people.

Manilla, Philippines

Now, this law, applicable to drivers in Manilla, may sound odd but it has good intentions behind it. Let’s assume you have collected your hire car and it is a Monday – you better check your registration plate. Does it begin end with a 1 or a 2? If so…sorry you can’t drive today!

This law is all part of the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, created to alleviate traffic congestion by restricting the number of vehicles that can be on the road. Just so you don’t find yourself looking at any fines, on Tuesdays its 3 and 4, on Wednesdays, 5 and 6, Thursdays 7 and 8, then Fridays 9 and 0. Check your plates!


Japan has loads to offer visitors, rich in culture, a hub of technology, vibrant nightlife and so much more. Known for impeccable manners, Japanese people look out for each other. So, it will be important you do the same! Driving through a puddle that then splashes a pedestrian, lands you with a fine. Known as “muddy driving” it is seen as hugely disrespectful. Slow down and avoid the puddles!

Unusual driving laws in Europe

Europe, with its 44 countries, has a huge abundance of laws across its vast land mass. Whilst many are shared across EU nations, driving laws vary country to country and some are probably stranger than you would expect.


If you are visiting Denmark, just make sure you check and recheck before getting into your car. The law states that before setting off on your journey, you need to check if anybody is hiding underneath the car. By anybody, we literally mean any body. Dead or alive, you need to check!


You may be enjoying the scenery of the Alps, or cruising through Zurich; either way, your hire car may have ended up a little dirty. Perhaps you are kind enough to wash it before returning it to the hire company. Well, that’s great…just don’t do it on a Sunday! Law states that you cannot wash your car on a Sunday. Germany also had the same law but altered it to say car washing is fine but only after midday!


If you are enjoying the Parisian nightlife, the Bordeaux vineyards or maybe the delicacies of Lyon, you will need to be aware that drinking under the influence of alcohol is very strictly monitored in France. So much so that all drivers are legally required to always carry a breathalyser in their car. With the legal blood alcohol level at 0.02%, this bit of kit could save you from a fine or potential time in jail.


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