The 10 Sunniest Cities in Europe

Does the British weather get you down? Are you constantly on the lookout for summer sun? Maybe you simply need a tan top-up once or twice a year. The team here at Direct Car Hire Excess has scoured the weather records, checked the news channels, and delved into every city to find the ten European cities that will give you the most sun.

Once you have explored our list, picked a couple of favourites, and booked your flight and hotel, don’t forget your hire car so you can get around to explore even more of the city. Let us know where you are going, and we will arrange your insurance for car hire abroad so that your trip is completely stress-free.

1.      Alicante – 349 hours of sunshine per month

A long-standing favourite with British holidaymakers, Alicante in the Southeast part of Spain tops the list. With a year-round average of 19oC, temperatures can reach 30oC throughout July-September, with the mercury even occasionally touching 40oC.

A stunning city with huge amounts to offer for all ages, its miles of beaches allow plenty of opportunity for both rest and recreation. Mixing classic old town shopping with modern nightlife, you can bring the family or enjoy with friends any time of year.

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2.     Catania – 347 hours of sunshine per month

Catania, Italy, is found on the east coast of Sicily and just misses out on the top spot for monthly hours of sunshine. Its average year-round temperature makes it warmer than Alicante, with the thermometer frequently around the 20oC mark. During summer months, holidaymakers or residents can bask in close to 33oC as they enjoy the history and culture of this memorable island. The old town is a UNESCO heritage sight, so make sure you don’t miss it!

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3.     Murcia – 346 hours of sunshine per month

Murcia is the next Spanish city to make the list, and is a city that has been popular for years. Plenty of beaches and wonderful architecture make for a stunning holiday haven. Murcia shares its average temperature with Catania, but does go a little warmer in August and September, where temperatures of 34oC are common. With many festivals on, too, largely focusing on the religious beliefs held by residents, Murcia is a cultural city popular with older holidaymakers.

4.     Malaga – 345 hours of sunshine per month

Again in Spain, the ever-popular Malaga takes fourth place on the list. Like Alicante, it has much to offer. Take a trip to the Picasso Museum, enjoy the beach, or simply soak up the warm weather as you explore the city. With an average temperature of 20oC, the peak summer months often fluctuate between 27-30oC. There temperature has even been known to reach 44oC, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

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5.     Messina – 345 hours of sunshine per month

We return to Italy for the fifth spot on the list. Like Catania, Messina is located on the island of Sicily, this time in the northern area. It has been known for the hot weather to reach 44oC, although this is uncommon. In Messina, you can enjoy plenty of stunning architecture, as well as a stroll past abandoned houses in the ancient quarter of Tirone.

Quality food is always on hand, of course, and the coastline provides plenty of opportunities to burn off the calories.

6.     Valencia – 343 hours of sunshine per month

Valencia is an extremely popular city and has been featured on many lists over the years for a variety of reasons. Paella was invented here, so you are sure to discover something tasty as you sample the local cuisine. Valencia is also home to its very own cocktail, the Agua de Valencia, comprising of cava or champagne mixed with orange juice, vodka and gin – a perfect refreshment to wash down the paella.

Weather-wise, you can expect an average of 20oC all year round, with temperatures topping 30oC during the summer months.

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7.     Nice – 342 hours of sunshine per month

A location on the French Riviera means hot weather, blue waters and beautiful sights. With restaurants and bars aplenty, there are multiple opportunities for relaxing and topping up your tan. You can also enjoy a drive on one of the most iconic French roads, the 7 mile Promenade des Anglais.

The weather in Nice sees the lowest of our average temperatures so far, with 17oC being the common temperature throughout the year. You can enjoy temperatures of 27oC during the hottest months, with the heat even rising as high as 37oC from time to time.

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8.     Las Palmas – 341 hours of sunshine per month

The Canary Islands always feature high on the list for those planning a summer getaway. Popular all year long and staying warmer as winter approaches, Las Palmas enjoys temperatures as high as 21oC, even in November.

Featuring large beaches, plus a variety of bars and restaurants, this volcanic island is perfect for families, couples, and independent holidaymakers. Enjoying 27oC as an average high  temperature, this is a most welcome summer retreat for those looking for sun, but not too much.

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9.     Granada – 341 hours of sunshine per month

Again in Spain, a visit to Granada is rich in culture, history and uniqueness. With charming narrow streets to wander down, or the hills of the Sierra Nevada to navigate, Granada is a sightseeing trip rather than a beach holiday. We recommend getting in front of the Alhambra for one of the best sunsets in the world. Known to have hit a high of 44oC, Grenada can be warmer than many places, but the average high comes in at 34oC. The low temperatures in winter can be very cold, but if you aim to visit between March and October, you won’t be disappointed. Plenty of museums, great side streets and an eclectic mixture of cuisines make this an untapped gem for many.

10.  Palermo – 340 hours of sunshine per month

Located in Sicily alongside our previous Italian entries, Palermo is known for its great food, plenty of UNESCO heritage sites and excellent weather.

Whilst the year-round temperature averages 19oC, visitors in summer months can enjoy warmth close to 30oC. There are plenty of landmarks to visit, including palaces and museums, as well as the famous opera house.

Wonderful sea views are also widely spread, plus stunning backdrops of hills and mountains.

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These are the top 10 cities in Europe that enjoy the most sun. Where will your next trip take you?

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