The Best Apps for Road Trips

28th October, 2021, in Travel Advice & Guides

Thanks to modern technology, road trips have become a lot easier. We no longer have to rely on outdated paper maps to try to navigate roads abroad or try to find the nearest garage to refuel.

Below are some of the best apps to plan and conduct your next road trip. Whether it is cruising route 66 or exploring the sights of Europe, your roadtrip will benefit from the right guidance and an app might just help!


Roadtrippers is an app that lets you plan your route by inputting your starting and finishing locations and then finding the best places to stop-off along the way. With the premium version, you can input 150 of your own stops on the journey. You’ll be able to see hotels, campsites, landmarks, and other attractions so you’ll have everything you need in one simple app to create your ideal itinerary. Alternatively, you can use some of the pre-made road trip guides. As well as planning, you can also use the app to navigate your journey.


An alternative navigation app is Waze, which has become very popular thanks to its live traffic updates. Using Waze will mean you’re more likely to be able to avoid roadworks, closed roads, and congestion, so you can find the quickest and most efficient route. It will also alert you if you’re approaching any possible hazards, like wildlife in the road, or cars parked on the hard shoulder. Waze will also notify you to speed cameras and police, so you can monitor your speed and avoid getting a fine.


PackPoint is a clever app that can help you to pack everything you need for your road trip. You can build your own custom packing list, just by inputting the length of your trip and what activities you’ll be taking part in. PackPoint will even check the weather of where you’re headed, so you can make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen or rain coat. You can also share your list with the people you’re travelling with, so everyone will be properly prepared.


OpenTable lets you book into over 52,000 restaurants worldwide. You can search the app using their filters of location and cuisine to find exactly what you want for your dinner. As well as boking, you can view photos of the restaurant, look at the menu, and even access special deals. Users are also able to leave reviews of restaurants, so you can see what others have to say before you go there yourself. You can also invite friends to your booking, so they’ll have all the details too.


Airbnb lets you book unique places to stay in over 191 countries across the globe. Whether you need a room in a shared house or an entire place to stay, Airbnb has lots of different types of places to suit your needs. You can search with a comprehensive filter system so you can find exactly the right place for you. As well as accommodation, you can also book experiences and plan an itinerary for your destination.


If you have a caravan, campervan, or motorhome, Park4Night is the ideal app to find safe places for you to park up and rest. It’s regularly updated by users and currently has over 211,000 spots across the world that have been recommended. You can use the app to search for a specific type of place, whether you want to be surrounded by nature or a free spot where you can park up for the night.


GasBuddy compares the price of gas in hundreds of gas stations across the USA, Canada, and Australia. The app will help you find the cheapest gas prices along your route and is constantly updated by users so you can find the most up-to-date prices. It can also help you calculate the cost of your trip once you input your journey length.

Fuel Flash

If your road trip is through Europe, then Fuel Flash is the app you need to find the cheapest fuel. It features more than 60,000 petrol stations across Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The fuel prices are provided by the authorities and are always the most recent prices.

Google Translate

Google Translate can instantly translate words and phrases in over 100 languages. You can type in what you want translated or it can translate speech in near real-time. It’s great for when you’re travelling through a number of different countries and might not be fluent in every language that you’ll need to speak. You can even download languages so they’re available when you’re offline.


If you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need the perfect road trip playlist to accompany you. You can create your own playlists or listen to pre-made ones from other users. Alternatively, you can listen to a range of podcasts which can be great if you want to learn a bit more about your travel destination on your way.


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