The Best New Cars 2023: Which Would You Hire?

13th January, 2023, in Global Hire Advice

Every year, car manufacturers gleefully release new models to entice us into buying or hiring a new vehicle. Whether it’s a super-fast sports car, a family saloon, or a compact city car, each marque wants to let drivers know that this new release is the car to drive in 2023. For many, though, the change to emissions rules that are being introduced across the globe means that many people are now looking at electric cars where otherwise they would have gone for petrol- or diesel-fuelled vehicles.

With that in mind, we looked at some of the most anticipated 2023 car releases.

Alpine A110R: The one for Sports Car Fans

A lightweight car in nature but a heavyweight in cost, it is unlikely you will be renting one of these for a cruise along the Costa Del Sol unless the types of holidays you book are exclusively about racing, money or looking flash! Coming in at close to £90,000 it certainly isn’t cheap, but will be one of the flagship cars for 2023. Constructed mainly with carbon, the lightweight nature endears it to enthusiasts that seek to close the gap between road cars and F1. With the R standing for Radical, it is the last of the A110 series before going all electric. This is possibly worth an investment if you’d like to keep something from a soon-to-be-bygone era. Add an extra £30,000 and you’ll be able to snap up one of the 32 Fernando Alonso limited edition versions.

Peugeot e-308: The one for the family

The first electric car on our list is due for a release early this year and will be great for use on holidays, road trips and city breaks. With an estimated mileage of 248 on a full charge, you’ll be able to cross borders, head off the beaten track or take a magical mystery tour without fear of grinding to a halt all too soon. With a rapid charge capability too, the e-308 can get you going from a 20% to an 80% charge in just 25 minutes.

Keep an eye out for this one – it’s likely to be popular due to the fact it is pretty much futureproofed. Expect to pay over £33,000 to purchase one. Some hire companies may have limited stock so if you spot one, snap it up and enjoy the ride.

Audi A6 E-Tron: The one for the executive

If you drive a lot for work, or perhaps spend plenty of time on open roads during your holiday, choosing a vehicle that can rack up some serious mileage before needing a recharge should be top of the list. With a range of 400 miles, you have plenty of time to complete your audiobook, run through some Duolingo lessons or enjoy the scenery before the battery dies. A saloon car that veers ever so slightly away from the traditional saloon appearance, it gives the vibe of a fastback in its shape. To extend the family of A6 further, Audi has also announced the A6 E-Tron Avant, an estate model that has already received glowing comments after the viewing of the stunning concept car due for release later this year.

Renault Austral: The one if you like it big!

Some holidays need you to store more luggage, while others see you drive right into the heart of bad weather. Some have you needing to tow extra essentials. If your trips tick any of these boxes, an SUV is where you should be looking. Priced at under £30,000, this is a more affordable purchase than many others and should hire companies have any available, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck thanks to the extra storage, safety attributes and more comfortable driving.

Stadium-style rear seats mean the children get a great view of not just what is out their window, but out of yours too. Add in the hybrid engine and you have something helping you reduce your carbon footprint as well. Google voice command means no fiddling with buttons or switches whilst focusing on the road, and the interior space means a comfy journey for all.

Wherever you plan to go on holiday, be sure to check your car hire needs are met. Getting around by car can give you a more varied experience. If you need help finding a suitable hire company, check out our car hire directory for some of the most popular destinations in the world. Once done, speak to our team to ensure you are never caught out by costly excess fees. Excess car hire insurance can cost as little as £0.12 / €0.14 / $0.16 per day, whether you need excess insurance for car hire in Europe or anywhere else around the world. Contact our team today and see how you can save money and make any road trip or holiday stress-free.


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