How to Book a Solo Ski Holiday

27th December, 2022, in Travel Advice & Guides

Booking a holiday as a single/solo traveller can sometimes be a daunting and expensive experience. This is due to the additional charges that going by yourself can incur, plus the uncertainty of being in a new place by yourself. However, the travel market for solo adventurers is a blossoming industry. There are thousands of fantastic opportunities out there across a variety of holiday types for people with all types of interests.

Ski holidays are in demand – hitting the slopes, relaxing in a lodge and scaling the mountains in a cable car. They all add to an experience that can be enjoyed just as much by those travelling by themselves as by those travelling in groups.

With that in mind, we thought it best to take a look at how to book your solo ski holiday so that you can enjoy the snow and potentially meet new people.

Why book a solo ski holiday?

Skiing is a social activity, so many are surprised to see that lots of people on the piste are there by themselves. This can often beg the question of why someone might want to do a largely social trip by themselves.

The answers are almost  endless, but we have provided just a few that may help you see why solo ski holidays are worth booking:

  • It’s your holiday and not anybody else’s, so you can do what you want when you. With no worries about fitting in with what everyone else needs, you can spend your time however you like
  • Time alone is often the best way to spend time. You can clear your head without any outside distractions and just focus on yourself. This allows for the best opportunities for some R&R without interference
  • Chances to meet new people are plentiful on a ski holiday, but whether you want to do that is your call. There are lots of solo travellers on the slopes who will all be in the same situation as you. Engage with them or don’t – it’s all up to you!

Booking a ski holiday for one

Before hurtling down a mountainside or relaxing in a chair lift, you’ll need to check through a few things and make sure your holiday is booked in the best possible way to give you the best possible experience.

Consider a solo travel specialist

When booking any holiday, you can often be stung by fees, especially if travelling by yourself. By finding an operator that specialises in solo travel, you can avoid some of those fees and also discover benefits of the region you’re heading to. There are hundreds of solo travel companies that can help guide you the right way. Some will be able to help you meet other people, others will focus on building the holiday around what you want from it. Ultimately, booking with experts like this will help you create the type of holiday that you are after.

Pick a busy resort

When choosing where you would like to ski, booking a popular resort will allow you to meet new people whilst you unwind. That being said, these resorts are full of families and groups so if keeping yourself to yourself is what you prefer, then it is easy to achieve this too. Legendary spots such as Chamonix or Whistler fuse together a great mix of locals, travellers and expats that will all welcome you into their ski community if you wish to be part of it.

Consider accommodation options

If you want to be by yourself or immerse yourself with others, the choice of accommodation can have a huge impact on how your holiday pans out. Chalet hotels allow for a great opportunity to mix with others who can then give you tips on great trips you can do. The benefit of a bar or other social areas then means you can come and go from social situations as you please.

Alternatively, regular chalets are an option too. With these, you could find that you mix with a fantastic bunch of people sharing accommodation with you, but at the same time, you could find it is all couples and you are the only single.

This is where an Airbnb option often proves handy. You have the chance to stay in decent accommodation, by yourself but be close enough to the resort to remain social when you want to be.

Look at airport transfers

Transfers from the airport can be a costly expense at the best of times, and even more expensive when travelling by yourself. With this in mind, ski resorts that are close to the airport or have good public transport links are your best option.

Look out for underoccupancy fees

When travelling in groups you will split the cost evenly for your accommodation which will no doubt make other things on the holiday more affordable. When travelling by yourself, there is always the risk of under-occupancy fees. You may find a fantastic hotel, for example, only to discover that the prices are based on 2 or more people sharing the room.  When you look to book for 1 person, the price is substantially higher than expected.

You can look for hotels that will not charge this by using the website, which will show you rooms that are available for just one person.

Consider ski lessons

If you are on a holiday by yourself and itching to meet others, a set of lessons suited to your skiing level will give you a great chance to engage in a social meet-up. If booking via your hotel, the majority of pupils will be hotel guests, therefore the opportunity for on- and off-piste socialising is huge.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to spend time to yourself but want a little more practice on the slopes, almost all venues will offer private lessons. Just be aware that they will be more expensive.

When should you book a solo ski holiday?

Ski resort accommodation is often open for a relatively short space of time. Some will operate for 4 months during winter and possibly 3 months during the summer, meaning the time you want to book your trip is an important factor.

Venturing to a resort between December and April is when you are likely to see things at their busiest and therefore most expensive.

December holidays at the earlier stage of the month tend to be quieter, giving you plenty of time to enjoy clearer slopes. That being said, snow conditions are not quite as reliable in December, so many experts say that a higher-altitude resort is your best option.

January brings more snow and much colder weather. This means more of the resort is likely to be open. Despite this, it is often the quietest month, meaning more opportunities for time to yourself and more chances to capitalise on the facilities. Prices then to be cheaper in January, too, so a bargain can be found more easily.

February sees a lot of activity, in part due to half term. Valentine’s day adds to the crowds too with many mountain-top romantic getaways being booked. Solo travellers will benefit more from the smaller resorts at this time of year if hoping to avoid crowds.

March and April see the temperatures rise a little and the daylight lasting longer. This means more opportunities to enjoy more of the snow. Party season seems to be in full swing this time of year, and many areas put on social events that you can immerse yourself in. This is a time of year when you could find yourself skiing less and partying more!


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