Where to Go in Greece for Families

19th September, 2022, in Travel Advice & Guides

Greece has long been a top holiday destination for families, couples, and singles looking for a bit of sun and some stunning scenery.  Famed in some places for its hedonistic nightlife, this has been curbed somewhat over recent years after the Greek authorities noticed just how much damage to the nation’s reputation it was causing. That’s not to say the famous 18-30 holidays no longer happen at all but it would appear things a slowing down a little.

This means there is a whole world of Greek adventure for you to enjoy as a family but where should you go?

Do you want to see white sands and blue water? Do you prefer temples and statues from the Minoan era? Maybe water sports, lots of activities, and restaurants are what tick the boxes. Whatever makes your family happy, Greece has it in abundance. Let’s have a look!

The best places in Greece for families

There are so many to choose from and with the famous Greek islands being high on the list of many travel wish lists, it can be hard to pick which gives you what you are looking for in a holiday. It has been quoted that there is anything between 1,200 and 6,000 Greek islands with 166 of them being inhabited. Do not worry though, we won’t be going through them all! Of this vast number, only a few are the dream destination type that lures in the millions of tourists every year.


Kefalonia is an island that offers families a more peaceful holiday than many of the other places in Greece. Filled with beautiful beaches and quaint villages, Kefalonia is perfect for a holiday that relies more on enjoying the sights than on filling it with activities. Not to say there are none at all, the southern resorts near Lassi and Argostoli are well equipped with things to do. On the whole, though, Kefalonia offers mountains, beaches, and quaint coves for exploring. Fiskardo in the north is seen as a secret of the island and offers lots of unspoiled scenery and beaches. Due to the terrain and hidden gems, a hire car is recommended.


Corfu is one of the places that often have a tarnished reputation largely due to the package holidays that blighted many areas like this. Now, Corfu has transformed, and many would say for the better. A host of great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and lots of classic sights. Add in the action-packed waterpark and Corfu offers much to many. With lots of tours on offer, enabling learning, fun, and activity, Corfu is a Greek holiday destination that provides families with plenty of options.


Crete is another one of the Greek islands that everybody knows. The largest of the Greek islands means that there is something for everyone. For history buffs in the family, the Minoan Palace of Knossos offers something spectacular and for those looking to soak up the sun and play in the sand, there are hundreds of beaches. Crete is well known for amazing food and the people there ensure guests are treated exceptionally well. It isn’t just food, beaches, and history though. There are lots of guided walks that take in sights, plenty of interactive excursions that put kids first, and workshops and classes where the children can make friends and have fun.


No list of places to visit in Greece would be complete without Rhodes. One of the most popular destinations and with its array of things to do, it is not hard to see why. With much of Greece showcasing its wonderful history, Rhodes is no different so you will have plenty to see in that respect. Stepping away from Ancient Greece, Rhodes offers one of the biggest waterparks in Europe and lots of outdoor activities. Just be aware that Rhodes typically enjoys approximately 300 days of sunshine per year and can get very hot. If you have younger children, August is not recommended due to the heat, and it is instead suggested that you visit in May or June if possible. An October half-term holiday would also be a great option. Lots of family-friendly beaches and a fun petting zoo and a stunning valley of butterflies add to its allure.


Moving away from the islands we must give Athens a mention. The capital of Greece and somewhere that quite often springs to mind right away when Greece is mentioned. Children that have been learning about it at school will love to see the things they have learned about up close rather than in a book or through a screen. With that in mind, you must visit the Acropolis!

Hop on a cable car to Mount Lycabettus and once at the top, you’ll be 900ft above Athens. Kids love the funicular that takes you to the very top! Surprising to many, there are lots of fantastic beaches in Athens, all complimented with clear waters and fine sand. With lots of food options, both Greek and global, the chance for variety is plentiful. Give the children the chance to see more of the city by jumping aboard the Happy Train. It looks like a toy but gets you seeing more of the city on a fun 40min ride.

These are just 5 of the places we rate as great for families, but Greece is so diverse we couldn’t include everywhere! To explore your Greek holiday destination, pick up a hire car. We have created a comprehensive Greece airport directory that will also guide you with whom to hire your car from! Once done, speak to the team at Direct Car Hire Excess and allow us to keep your trip stress fee with one of our comprehensive policies. Then you can enjoy your Greek adventure without fear of surprising costs hitting your hire bill at the end of your trip!

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