Why Should I Visit Alicante?

17th February, 2020, in Global Hire Advice

Despite being nestled on the Costa del Sol, Alicante has a completely different vibe compared to the likes of Marbella and Fuengirola. Alicante is an attractive city, bestowed with an attractive promenade and harbour, as well as a couple of glorious beaches. Unlike other Cost del Sol locations, Alicante doesn’t have a party atmosphere. Whilst bars and restaurants stay open late, there is a much more family-friendly vibe.

Join us and let us convince you of a summer holiday in Alicante this year! Fly into Alicante airport, pick up your hire car and let’s go!

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Championed as the most fascinating part of Alicante’s Old Town, the Santa Cruz region is rich with traditional architecture. The narrow streets – lined with white houses – are emblazoned with flowers and there are numerous restaurants and cafes to nip into for a break.

Many visitors to Alicante frequent the beautiful Old Town during the evening time, strolling the cobbled streets and experiencing the ‘real Spain’.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Once the winner of the European Museum of the Year award, MARQ as it is known, helps visitors understand the lives of past residents of Alicante. The museum helps you discover more about the ancient civilizations, including the Iberians and Romans, who called the area home through different displays and interactive exhibits.

Santa Barbara Castle

Sitting like a crown on top of Mount Benacantil is the historic Santa Barbara Castle. Built in the 9th century the castle has been home to countless civilisations, with Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman artifacts having been uncovered from the castle and its surrounds.

The castle has also been used as a military base and prison. However, for a period of time it remained abandoned, until 1963 when it became an attraction for the public to visit.

Tabarca Island

Home to just 59 people, Tabarca Island is the only populated island in the Valencia region. 11 miles offshore from Alicante, visitors can hop on a boat to visit this fascinating place. Just 1,800 meters long and 400 meters across at its widest point, the island is a lovely place to spend a day.

Although small, Tabarca Island is championed for its restaurants, particularly those which serve delicious rice and fish dishes. Restraurante Gloria and Nou Collonet are two favourites with visitors.

The island was declared an artistic historical site in 1964. The churches of San Pedro and San Pablo, as well as the lighthouse are highlights of any visit, as well as a stroll through the old town and main square.

Santa Pola Nature Reserve

Just a few kilometres from Alicante centre is the Santa Pola Nature Reserve. The marshy area is also home to large salt flats. The flora and fauna of the location have adapted to the landscape and countless flamingos gather in the reserve, something up and over 8,000 birds! They are also a variety of different species and it is an alluring place to take in nature.

Car hire Alicante airport

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