Your Essential Checklist for Car Hire Abroad

30th September, 2021, in Car Hire Help

Hiring a car on your holiday gives you the freedom to explore anywhere you want to go. However, you’ll want to make sure you prepare properly before you hire your car, to save any stresses whilst you’re away. Read on below and don’t forget to check out top car hire tips.

Remember Your Paperwork

You’ll need to remember your driving licence and you should make sure it’s valid and up to date before you travel.

You’ll also need to bring a credit card as most rental companies will require it for a guarantee or deposit. This will be used to cover any charges like parking tickets or missing fuel.

You should also check whether you’ll need an International Driving Permit in the country you’ll be driving in.

Research the Country’s Driving Laws

Before you travel, you should research the country’s driving laws. Make sure you know how to recognise road signs and what they mean. Check the general speed limits and also what the drink driving laws are. Some countries have zero tolerance for drink driving, so make sure you know what the policy is in the country you’re travelling to.

You should also research what you’ll legally need to carry in your car when driving. Some countries require you to have items such as warning triangles and reflective jackets in your car, and you could face a fine if you’re stopped and you don’t have them.

Take The Emergency Contact Details

Remember to note down the emergency contact details of your hire company, in case you need them if the car breaks down or you have an accident. Save them into your phone and also keep a note with your paperwork.

Check the Car Over

When you pick up your car, you should check it over for any damage or scratches. Make sure that the hire company makes a note of any damage you found that hasn’t already been recorded. You can read our article about how to avoid paying extra charges when hiring a car for more advice on this.

You should also check the car has the basics of what you’ll need to drive, such as a spare tyre and jack.

Familiarise Yourself with the Car

Before you set off, make sure you know how to use the hire car. Check the controls like headlights, climate control and indicators.

You should also ensure you know what type of fuel it takes, and how you can recognise it in the country you’re in. Some cars have buttons to open the bonnet or fuel cap, so make sure you know where these are.

Check the Insurance for Car Hire Abroad

Most policies will include collision damage waiver as standard on your insurance policy. However, in some countries this will need to be purchased separately, so you’ll want to check what your policy covers. You can read more about collision damage waivers in our blog.

Get Car Hire Excess Insurance

Car hire companies will often charge you a high excess fee if you have to claim due to an accident or theft. This means that if your hire car is damaged or stolen, you will have to pay an amount to repair or replace the vehicle. Sometimes this fee can be as high as £2,000.

If you secure car hire excess insurance cover with us, this fee will be covered. Direct Car Hire Excess offers excess car insurance abroad, from £0.12 / €0.14 / $0.16 per day. We’ll cover all the named drivers on the rental agreement with comprehensive cover for annual car hire excess insurance or holiday car hire excess insurance.

Contact us to speak to our expert team about how we can help you with your car hire excess insurance needs. Or you can get a quick, no-obligation quote.

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