The Most Haunted Roads in the USA

7th October, 2021, in Travel Advice & Guides

The USA is a popular destination for road trippers, thanks to its sprawling highways connecting famous landmarks. But if you need something extra on your American road trip this spooky season, below are some of the most haunted roads in the USA, with ghost stories, folklore, and supernatural encounters. Drive them if you dare!

Old Route 66, Villa Ridge, Missouri

The tri-county truck stop on the Old Route 66 in Villa Ridge Missouri is known by truckers and road trippers for its great food. But it’s also earnt a reputation for paranormal activity. Staff at the restaurant have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a man in the dining room and another apparition in the basement. Customers have said they have seen things move on their own, like ketchup bottles and salt shakers. There’s also reportedly a being that staff have nicknamed ‘George’ who will stroke staff’s arms as they walk past.

Ortega Ridge Road, Montecito, California

Ortega Ridge Road in Montecito, California is thought to be the location of a tragic murder of three nuns. The nuns, known as Las Tres Hermanas, or the three sisters, were robbed and killed by bandits over a hundred years ago. It’s said their spirits still haunt the same road today. Drivers on the road have reported seeing the three figures at night with bright blue eyes and glowing faces and will turn to watch as people drive by.

Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey

Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey has many legends associated with it, from organised crime to the supernatural. One story goes that a pickup truck will appear on the road out of nowhere. It’s also said that some satanic activities take place in the ruins of Cross Castle which features along the road. The most famous story says that a young boy drowned in the rapids below the bridge and if you throw a coin off that bridge, the ghost of the boy will throw it back.

Route 2A, Haynesville, Maine

Route 2A, which passes through the Haynesville Woods in Maine, is dangerous enough due to wet weather and snow in the winter. It is said that the spirits of those that have perished on the road still roam the woods. One story says that a young woman will approach your vehicle and beg for help, before disappearing into nothing. Drivers have also reported seeing the ghost of a young girl wandering along the road alone.

Route 666, New Mexico

Now known as US Route 491, this road was nicknamed the Devil’s Highway thanks to the satanic associations with its previous name, 666. There are many ghost stories and legends associated with this stretch of road, maybe caused by both the old name and the number of fatalities that have occurred. Some people have reported being chased by hellhounds that can shred the tyres of vehicles as they drive away. There’s also a story about an evil spirit who haunts an old red truck.

Prospector’s Road, Georgetown, California

Prospector’s Road in Georgetown, California is supposedly haunted by many ghosts from the Gold Rush era. The story goes that miners who boasted about striking it rich would get ambushed and killed on this road. One such miner is said to still haunt the road, even speaking to passersby. There are also stories about mines along the road collapsing and spirits still haunting the ruins.


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