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Whether you’re holidaying in Greece or on business in France, renting a car is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get around in any European country. Renting a vehicle has never been so easy, particularly with so many rental firms using airports as their hub. Simply book online, hop on your flight and find your rental car waiting for you when you land.

Car Hire Insurance Europe

However, there is a pitfall of renting a car in Europe. Before taking out a contract with a rental firm double-check your contract and insurance. Many people have hired a vehicle abroad and have been shocked by the excess fee when an accident or damage has occurred. With some travellers forking out £2000 in excess fees trips abroad can be ruined.

What is European Car Hire Excess Insurance Cover?

However, it does not have to be this way. To ensure your time in Europe goes without a hitch, invest in European car hire excess insurance cover. This means if you were to have an accident or damage your hire car, you could claim the excess fee back from us. Making a claim with us is hassle-free; just use our online claim portal from anywhere in Europe.

With cover starting at just 12p a day why wouldn’t you want to give yourself peace of mind whilst driving in Europe? Simply fill out our quote form today!

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What sets Direct Car Hire Excess apart from the rest? We have helped countless business people, holiday makers and world explorers claim back their excess costs. From Ireland to Ibiza, there is nobody we can’t help protect when it comes to the high excess fees charged by firms when renting a car in Europe.

Wherever you are in Europe, if something happens to your rental car and you are required to pay excess you can claim it back from us. Whether you pay £500 or £1500, we will make sure that expense is reimbursed to you. You can make a claim wherever you are in Europe.

Benefits Schedule

From**£/€/$1.80 per day£/€/$2.25 per day£/€/$2.63
Excess Cover£/€/$3,000£/€/$5,000£/€/$50,000
Towing Cover
Window Cover
Tyre Cover
Admin Charge Cover
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Possessions Cover
Key Cover
Curtailment Cover
Drop Off Charges
Lock Out Cover
Misfuelling Cover
Road Rage Cover
Carjacking Cover
In Country Rental
Car Club

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European Car Hire Excess Insurance FAQs

How much will a European car hire excess insurance policy cover me for?

The amount covered will depend on whether you take out our Basic, Standard or Deluxe care hire excess policy. A breakdown of cover can be found in the benefits schedule.

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What countries are covered under a European policy?

Our European car hire excess cover means all EEA countries, plus Switzerland. However, this does not include Iceland.

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Who is eligible to purchase excess car insurance Europe?

Anybody ages between 21 and 84 years old (inclusive) can take out a car hire excess policy with us. You must hold a full and valid driving license that is recognised globally.

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When does my European car hire excess insurance cover began and end?

For annual European customers the contract length is 12 calendar months. If you are a single hire customer the term of contract is selected by you during the application. You can find policy dates in your Schedule of Insurance.

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Can I cancel my European car hire excess insurance cover?

You can cancel your policy with us within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents if the excess insurance does not need your needs. You must notify us no later than the start date of cover shown in your documents.