Europe’s Scariest Roads to Drive On

3rd July, 2020, in Travel Advice & Guides

If you’re planning a road trip in Europe you might want to be careful where you choose to drive because Europe is actually home to some pretty scary roads.

Driving can be repetitive and sometimes it’s exciting when you find windy roads but some are just a bit too extreme even for the most skilled drivers.

Here are some of the scariest and dangerous roads in Europe, the roads you might want to avoid.

Pasubio, Italy

Quite possible the scariest of the roads we’re going to cover, Strada delle 52 Gallerie is found up in the mountains of Pasubio, Italy. It’s famed for its incredible views, but when driving on this road you’ll want to keep your eyes ahead. After a certain point, vehicles aren’t even allowed access as the road becomes so treacherous but unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped people riding their bikes over the edge. If after that excitement, or fear, you need something to settle you a little, you could always consider some of the more stunning must-visit sights of Italy.

Furka Pass, Switzerland

This road that features in James Bond’s Goldfinger is a steep, winding road that makes for some super tough driving.

Located nearly 8,000 feet above sea level the road has multiple hairpin bends. It’s even closed during the winter because the roads can become so lethal, despite being well-maintained cars are not equipped to deal with the conditions and it can cause serious accidents.

Atlantic Road, Norway

This road is one of the most scenic roads in the world but can also be one of the scariest. Located on the Norwegian coastline there is an abundance of curves, dip and bridges. If driven during good conditions the road can be one of the most spectacular to drive. But, this 8.3-kilometre long section of County Road 64 that runs through an archipelago is included on this list as it’s extremely dangerous to drive when weather conditions are bad. Blizzards, snowstorms and high-winds make this road deadly.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

This road in Greece is a maze of potholes, as you drive you’re constantly trying to dodge the craters while attempting to stay on the road that can be slippery and lacks safety barriers. This Greek road is quite a challenge for any driver of any level. In fact, before trying to navigate this road you might want to evaluate any alternative routes or even just walk.

If you’re an adrenaline junky and these roads sound like a challenge you want to attempt, make sure you assess the conditions first and stay safe.

If you’re going to attempt to drive any of these roads in a hire car, you might want to make sure you have excess insurance for car hire in Europe so that you’re protected from paying the large excess costs should you damage the hire vehicle.

These are the scariest roads that Europe has to offer but if you look further afield, you’ll find even deadlier terrains.

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