Must-Visit Waterfalls When On Your Canadian Road Trip

10th August, 2020, in Travel Advice & Guides

Niagara Falls is, without doubt, the world’s most famous waterfall attracting around 12 million visitors each year but Canada is home to many more spectacular waterfalls that are a must-stop on your road trip across the North American country.
Canada is known for its stunning scenery and this doesn’t stop at glacial lakes and mountain peaks. These waterfalls make the ideal stop-offs along your driving routes. With easy access off major highways and well-marked trails and picnic areas, there’s no excuse not to tick these beauties off your list.

Takkakaw Falls

The second-highest waterfall in Canada is located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. It’s an impressive 373m tall and most certainly lives up to its name meaning ‘the magnificent’.
The waterfall is formed by meltwater from the Daly Glacier in the Waputik Mountains and consists of three distinct, nearly vertical drops.
It’s the most prominent waterfall in Yoho and it lets you know it’s there showering you with its mist and spray as you approach.

Montmorency Falls

This waterfall is surprising, it’s just a 20-minute drive from Quebec City, is easily accessible and thunders into the St Lawrence River.
There’s a suspension bridge over the crest of the falls giving you the most amazing birds-eye view of the torrent, which is actually taller than Niagara by 33m.
To get to the top you can either take the giant staircase, featuring 487 steps or for a more relaxed approach, you can take the cable car.

Helmcken Falls

This waterfall is so incredible and precious that the Provincial Park was actually created to protect the falls. Even so, the falls are still accessible through a range of trails and bridges and so you can still admire the waterfall in all its glory.
It drops a huge 141m before plunging into a gouged cavern below. This one has got to be on the list.

Bridal Veil Falls

As soon as you see this 60m tall waterfall you will understand why it’s called Bridal Veil Falls. This is quite possibly one of the prettiest waterfalls in Canada, located in Provincial Park, British Colombia. The water cascades gracefully over the smooth rockface creating a veil-like effect.
The waterfall is prone to freezing during cold winters creating a breathtaking but unstable wall of ice. If you want to marvel at bridal Veil Falls you’ll find it just a 15-miutes walk off the main highway outside Chilliwack.

Maligne Canyon

What makes this waterfall sensational is its location. At 50m, the waterfall is small compared to the others however this doesn’t make it any less impressive.
In fact, this waterfall is unique as it might just be the only waterfall that is better visited in winter. When the canyon freezes over it becomes a spectacle of glittering ice and makes the ideal destination for keen ice climbers.

These are just a few of Canada’s 1700 waterfalls that you should consider stopping at on your Canadian road trip.
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