How to Save Money While Travelling in France?

2nd July, 2020, in Travel Advice & Guides

France isn’t overly expensive but it can be pricey in certain areas if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget.

If you’re determined to travel to France but are looking to cut costs where you can we have compiled some money-saving hacks so that you can enjoy your French adventure without having to worry about money.

Travel at off-peak times

Whether you’re getting the ferry or the Eurotunnel there will always be peak and off-peak times. Usually, the fare for travelling at peak times will be slightly more expensive. Therefore, if you’re looking to save, travelling early in the morning or late at night could save you around £10-20 each way.

Also booking early is also a great way to make the most of some early bird booking discounts/ The closer to the departure date it gets the more ferries and shuttles will fill up and the fewer low-priced tickets there will be.

Book car hire in advance

If you’re flying over to France, you may want to hire a car to make it easier for you to get around. Driving is the best way to explore the regions of France and the roads in most areas of France are smooth and easy to navigate.

When hiring a car, book as early as you can and use a travel comparison website to quickly compare deals from different providers. This way you’ll be guaranteed to get the cheapest price available.

To ensure that you don’t have to pay any extra costs along the way, purchasing excess insurance for car hire in Europe will mean you won’t be responsible for paying any extortionate excess cost should your rental car get damaged or stolen.

Choose a cheap location

The price you pay for things can very much depend on the location you choose. For example, the Mediterranean coast is very popular with families for sun holidays and therefore prices are often higher.

If you want to escape the crowds and stick within your budget head to west coast regions such as Charente Maritime. Brittany and Normandy also have a lot to offer at a smaller cost.

Avoid toll roads

A lot of motorways in France are often owned by private companies who employ tolls for the public to use them.

Although the toll prices aren’t huge they can add up if you plan on doing a lot of long-distance driving.

The alternative, to avoid these costs is to take the ‘routes nationales’ also known as the ’N-roads’. The national speed limits are slightly slower on these roads and they are less direct, however, offer a much more scenic journey.

Book attraction online

If you know which attractions you want to visit when on your trip check online for tickets in advance of your trip. Many landmarks and attractions offer online or early bird discounts and it’s worth checking for this.

Find the right supermarket

Carrefour is the most well-known supermarket brand in France but because of this, it’s one of the most expensive. Many foreigners on holiday flock to Carrefour as it sells all of the French goodies that holidaymakers like to enjoy. However, like the UK, the French have both Aldi and Lidl, and other lower-cost alternatives. E Leclerc is considered one of the cheapest supermarket chains.


If you are considering a trip to France, make sure you are prepared. Use our car hire and airport directory to give you the best options for car hire in France. Then get a free quote from our team to ensure you avoid any costly excess fees!

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