Where Will the F1 Circus Visit This Year?

28th February, 2022, in Money Saving Tips, Travel Advice & Guides

The new F1 season is fast approaching and following on from the exciting and controversial end to the 2021 season, fans both casual and devoted are looking forward to what 2022 may bring. F1 is one of the most highly watched spectator sports in the world with a global audience of millions and each race accommodating hundreds of thousands of fans over the race weekend.

Maybe 2022 will be the year you go and watch the chequered flag fall, but where will you go and when? Many of the circuits are within a reasonable driving distance from airports so pick up that hire car and metaphorically race to the circuit to enjoy a weekend of speed, excitement, drama and fun.

The Top 5 F1 tracks for 2022

We have picked our favourite five favourite tracks for you to head out and enjoy.

Monaco 27th-29th May

No list would be complete without including Monaco and despite the association with money and expense, you can enjoy a Monaco weekend for a modest fee.

This street circuit oozes class and has long been a favourite of the rich and famous residents as well as the F1 fan base that descend upon the principality once a year in May.

Raced over 78 laps and with slower speeds than all other tracks, Monaco is one track where you feel a little closer to the racing.

With it also being a street circuit, you will literally be walking the track as you head out to dinner and driving down it as you depart. How often can you say you have driven on an F1 track!

Spa Francochamps- Belgium 26th-28th Aug

A classic of the race calendar, Spa is the “Go-to” race for many fans. The sweeping corners and the long straights make for exciting racing and the legendary Eau Rouge allows you to watch the drivers really test their capabilities.

A 7km lap is navigated 44 times during the race itself. A somewhat shorter total distance than when the original track was laid back in 1921 where it measured a colossal 14km! The current lap record is held by Valteri Bottas who made his way round in 1min 46s in 2018.

Spa is the ideal August bank holiday weekend trip and one of the more affordable race weekends on the calendar.

Fly into Brussels and pick up a hire car, Spa is just a 90 min drive away meaning you get to enjoy some of Belgiums scenery on the way to race day.

Monza- Italy 9th-11th Sept

If speed and passion are what you look for in your racing, then Monza is the track. Home race of the illustrious Ferrari team and a circuit where the cars are on full throttle for 80% of the lap, Monza IS F1.

Located to the northeast of Milan it is easily accessible and provides a fantastic addition to a city break or a full holiday. Try the grandstand seats at Variante del Rettifilo to fully immerse yourself in the power, speed and braking capabilities of these cars.

A top speed of 350km/h reached down the straight really is an awe-inspiring sight, especially when these beasts have to slow to 70km/h to make the approaching bends.

Circuit of the Americas-USA 21st-23rd Oct

Whilst NASCAR and Indy might be the big draw for race enthusiasts stateside, the USA GP is one that shouldn’t be missed. Located In Austin where the food and nightlife never stop, you can have a fun-filled weekend whether you are trackside for 3 days or 1.

With plenty of incredible viewing spots and a great mix of straights and curves, you should be able to see quality racing from all areas.

A 308km race, covering 5.5km per lap, this Arizona circuit boasts a 1m36sec lap record courtesy of Charles LeClerc and was home to Lewis Hamiltons final win as a McLaren driver.

Fly into Bergstom or Houston to get yourself close to the action.

Yas Marina-Abu Dhabi 18th-20th Nov

A spectacular night race concludes the F1 calendar and if it matches 2021, you won’t find yourself lacking excitement and drama. 58 laps stuffed with overtaking and speed, it is hard pushed to find any area of the track that disappoints. The huge straight, allows you to witness wheel to wheel racing and the tight twists give you the opportunity to witness clever over taking manoeuvres. Even though it is November it is still hot so for those not a fan of the sun, we recommend a seat high up in any of the grandstands where it is all more sheltered.

The Full 2022 Calendar

Bahrain-18th-20th March

Saudi Arabia-25th-27th March

Australia-8th-10th April

Emilia Romagna-22nd-24th April

Miami-May 6th-May 8th

Spain-May 20th-May 22nd

Monaco-27th-29th May

Azerbaijan-10th-12th June

Canada-17th-19th June

Great Britain-1st-3rd July

Austria 8th-10th July

France 22nd-24th July

Hungary 29th-31st July

Belgium 26th-28th August

Netherlands 2nd-4th September

Italy 9th-11th September

Russia 23rd-25th September

Singapore 30th sep-2nd October

Japan 7th-10th October

USA 21st-23rd October

Mexico 28th-30th October

Brazil 11th-13th November

Abu Dhabi 18th-20th November

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